Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hi, My Name is Debbie & I'm Accident Prone

Earlier last month I moved in with my friend Kaysee. We're trying to find me a job and us a house to rent so that we won't have to deal with the parental eye.

okay so story time right?
I'm out and about like usual late on a Saturday night and my best friend calls me and asks me for a ride. I say "sure, where are you? "
"I'm in Vegas, I'm stranded, will you come get me please? I have 40 dollars for gas, please, I have no other way."
"omg, of course I will come get you!"
yes, I did, I gave in, and I went to Vegas to get my friend. However, halfway there, I'm approaching Kramer Junction, and I see a semi in front of me. I think to myself, "NO WAY am I getting stuck behind a semi for 40 miles (or however long that stretch is)" so i decide to pass at the light. Yes, I am aware that the right lane is NOT a passing lane, but I HAVE passed there before, just not at 230AM, when it's completely pitch-black.
So, as I'm passing, I realize there isn't enough road to pass and hit dirt. I don't slow down, there is no time, but my car starts to drift towards the semi. So, being the so smart person I am, I over-correct and slam the brakes. My car slows, turns, and an oncoming semi smashes my little Scion to pieces. Needless to say, the bumper i had recently gotten repaired was left behind at the scene.
I get out of the car, cry , cry, cry, and say over and over again, "I should have died cause my dad's going to slaughter me anyway!" The driver of the semi lets me go, because I was hysterical and didn't want to wait 2 hours for the cops, and i drive my piece back home with no back end, basically.
the next day, my friend (who mysteriously found a ride home in the morning), calls me to go to a movie, without asking all the pressing questions like: how am I?, is my car okay?, did I get into trouble?, is my car totaled?, how am i going to get around?, will my insurance cover it?, am I going to have to get a new car?, etc.
I was at Rockin' Roots, so I didn't really talk to her, but I was angry that it seemed like she didn't care, and didn't even say "OMG I'm so sorry."
Needless to say, she decided on her own to not be friends with me anymore because I wanted time to recoop and re-evaluate. She decided to do it for me and cut me out.
I had to return my rental yesterday and being without a car sucks. Plus, it's hot here in Bakes, and riding the bus and/or a bike is NO BUENO.
Rides, anyone?
(Me and Kaysee at Rockin' Roots '09)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

what can I say?

sooooooo I go to a friend's house last night
and right after all my friends leave, I go into another room for a few minutes, and while I'm outof sight, a few girls decided it would be cool to go through my purse.
They ended up taking my camera and my new phone.
then they dumped my wallet (which didn't have any money in it anyway, or credit cards) and placed my purse inside the BBQ outside, and then left.
I go back outside, thinking I need to check my phone, and my entire purse is gone and nowhere to be found. I end up having to stay the night and try to find a way to get a hold of someone with a car that can pick me up and take me to my house to get the spare key, the whole time bawling about how mean people are and wondering what it was that I did to deserve this kind of retribution.
Later, as my friend is cleaning outside, he finds my purse and thankfully my keys were inside, along with everything but the phone & camera.
So... people are mean
and this is the 2nd time this year my phone has been stolen. and I didn't even have it out a whole lot and I didn't leave it lying around on its own, btu I was still pretty dumb for leaving my purse lying around people that I didn't know very well, even if some of my friends were around. So, my bad. But hopefully somehow karma will pay them back or we'll find out who it is cause that phone isnt super popular AND there are ways I can tell it's mine if it ever turns up.
until then, I feel completely cut off from the world.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Give a Little Love...

so pretty much, here's what's been going on...

after my blackberry was stolen (sad face) i was fortunate enough to have a friend who gave me her old T-Mobile Gravity. After calling in to customer service and using Nellie's name, I was able to get the code needed to unlock the phone so I could use my AT&T SIM card inside the T-Mobile phone. I love having a full keyboard again but still miss my Blackberry. (sad face)

Where we go...
The Firehouse is an AWESOME new bar//grill//poolhall that we have been going to quite regularly... the food is great and the poolhall is HUGE
I absolutely love the atmosphere of this new restaurant!

Totally kicked butt at pool
Yay! Eva drove to MY SIDE and went out with ussss
Surprise Birthday Party at Nickieeeeeee's for Danielle... she had NO IDEA

Happy Birthday to Nellie!!!!- April 13
and here's a little anecdote that reminded me that there are still good people in the world....
This morning I stopped at Chevron to get gas on my way to take Nellie home, and I went inside with my $1.95 for just enough gas to take Nells home and come back. I knew later today I would be getting the gas card from the pops so I wasn't stressin too much on gas but I didn't have enough this morning. Anyway, when I go in to pay, I just so happen to get the super nice employee who is always friendly and nice and always a pleasure to be served by. I hgave him my $1.95 and asked him to put it on pump 8. He says "sure thing" and I go out to pump the less than 1 gallon I paid for. As I am pumping, however, I'm watching the total sale go up...and up...and up. As soon as it passed $2.00, I was skeptical, thinking, "wait, I only paid for $1.95, what's going on?" The total went up to $5.00, and a little smile crept over my face, because I knew that the employee had give me the extra $3.00, and for no particular reason except he's a nice guy. It almost made me cry to know that there are still good people in the world, and that for once, Karma's giving me a little something in return for everything that I try to do.
Do good things, and good things happen. Thanks, Chevron man. :)