Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hi, My Name is Debbie & I'm Accident Prone

Earlier last month I moved in with my friend Kaysee. We're trying to find me a job and us a house to rent so that we won't have to deal with the parental eye.

okay so story time right?
I'm out and about like usual late on a Saturday night and my best friend calls me and asks me for a ride. I say "sure, where are you? "
"I'm in Vegas, I'm stranded, will you come get me please? I have 40 dollars for gas, please, I have no other way."
"omg, of course I will come get you!"
yes, I did, I gave in, and I went to Vegas to get my friend. However, halfway there, I'm approaching Kramer Junction, and I see a semi in front of me. I think to myself, "NO WAY am I getting stuck behind a semi for 40 miles (or however long that stretch is)" so i decide to pass at the light. Yes, I am aware that the right lane is NOT a passing lane, but I HAVE passed there before, just not at 230AM, when it's completely pitch-black.
So, as I'm passing, I realize there isn't enough road to pass and hit dirt. I don't slow down, there is no time, but my car starts to drift towards the semi. So, being the so smart person I am, I over-correct and slam the brakes. My car slows, turns, and an oncoming semi smashes my little Scion to pieces. Needless to say, the bumper i had recently gotten repaired was left behind at the scene.
I get out of the car, cry , cry, cry, and say over and over again, "I should have died cause my dad's going to slaughter me anyway!" The driver of the semi lets me go, because I was hysterical and didn't want to wait 2 hours for the cops, and i drive my piece back home with no back end, basically.
the next day, my friend (who mysteriously found a ride home in the morning), calls me to go to a movie, without asking all the pressing questions like: how am I?, is my car okay?, did I get into trouble?, is my car totaled?, how am i going to get around?, will my insurance cover it?, am I going to have to get a new car?, etc.
I was at Rockin' Roots, so I didn't really talk to her, but I was angry that it seemed like she didn't care, and didn't even say "OMG I'm so sorry."
Needless to say, she decided on her own to not be friends with me anymore because I wanted time to recoop and re-evaluate. She decided to do it for me and cut me out.
I had to return my rental yesterday and being without a car sucks. Plus, it's hot here in Bakes, and riding the bus and/or a bike is NO BUENO.
Rides, anyone?
(Me and Kaysee at Rockin' Roots '09)


Robin said...

My friend . . . I will miss you. God be with you till we meet again! Love ya, Sis. K

Sage Austin said...

Debbie i love u and will miss u so much!!! i hope u know how much i love you and wish that i could see u again.

Ur fav. niece, Amber=)=)=-):-)

Sage Austin said...

but that was from amber not sage